BAERCK Concept Store, Berlin

December 13, 2012 – February 02, 2013, workshop & group exhibition

BENTEN CLAY got invited to an interdisciplinary workshop themed "improvisation in Design". The unique pieces were on display and for sale at BAERCK.


Excerpt from the press release:

The concept store Baerck invited Depot Basel to Berlin. In their showroom on Mulackstrasse the results of the Workshop ‹Wildes Denken› – initiated by Depot Basel and Baerck – are shown. The objects on display – all of them unique pieces – are for sale until the 2nd February 2013.

‹Wildes Denken› is a workshop for improvisation, for using creativity spontaneously and practically. A group of invited participants will – within 3 days – create ‹Objects for the table› out of (residual) material, provided by Depot Basel and Baerck. The focus is more on the experiment and the direct, spontaneous making, and less on a reflected and structured design process. Just as the anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss has written in ‹La Pensée Sauvage›: “The hobbyist does not invent entirely new things, but he improvises and combines materials that he has at hand.”




BENTEN CLAY produced the following pieces:

(from top to bottom)

Fever Ray, sculpture
Bank, knife rest
Die Karten auf den Tisch (with Bureau AEIOU), card holders
Messing und Signalblau, table object
Plastik Fantastik, fruit bowls
Panoramabar (mit Bureau AEIOU), ash tray, minibar and vase
Pavillion, place mats
Streuer, drip mat with spice providers
Wippe (mit Bureau AEIOU), dinner game

participating artists:
Annika Freye
Benten Clay
Bureau Aeiou
Laura Pregger
Llot Llov
Matylda Krzykowski
Michael Schoner
Tanja Pabelick



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