Key Values

After an exhaustive market analysis, our Communications and Appropriation department concluded that there is no more precise a verbalization of BENTEN CLAYs policy than those articulated by the world’s leading corporations—like Deutsche Bank and BASF. We are proud to have established key value-franchise-contracts with these top global players, and, confident about a similar successful future we hereby present BENTEN CLAYs corporate ethos.


Our purpose

We create art works for a sustainable future.


Our mission

We take our social responsibility seriously, creating lasting value for our clients, our partners, our investors, our conscience and the communities in which we operate.


Our personality

We are: passionate
We are: precise
We are: confident
We are: agile-minded


We understand issues in depth. This is why we keep things simple and clear. We are open-minded and embrace change in a globalised world. As we constantly challenge the status quo, we value the differences that make a difference. We recognize innovation’s social value to gain advantage for everyone we work with.


Our promise


acting today, thinking about tomorrow, demonstrating transparency and leadership


Our vision

More than money. Building Social Capital. Investment in society and in our own future.