agentur für kommunikation & gestaltung

Our primary house agency:
logo redesign, website design, collateral

design foundry

Our design house partner:
website programming, CMS

Carolina Trigo

Our consultant and collaborator, performance artist, philosopher from Finland-USA-Argentina


Supporters from the first minute,
A-I-R programme


HMGB Architekten
Heike Matcha & Günter Barczik

Our house architects

Hämeenkyrön Kirjapaino Oy

Our Finnish print shop, 1. Status Report and exhibition prints

Captain Fufanu

Electro DJs and producers:
Composition for The Promise

Örn Porleifsson

Activist against the Kárahnjúkar Dam and
paradise owner, storyteller of
"Der gestohlene Fluss"

Jan Wiese

Film maker and editor, cultural scientist:
Fine cut of the audio book
"Der gestohlene Fluss"


Fox Music Studios
Wolfgang Brammertz

Soundmastering of the audio book
"Der gestohlene Fluss"

Andreas Kaizik

Editor of the text for the audio book
"Der gestohlene Fluss"

Allan Mc Evoy

Graphic designer:
packaging design of the audio book
"Der gestohlene Fluss"

Brooks Walker

Photographer, editor, photo-mac-tec-support, the best travel guide and life guard of Iceland

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