Poster, digital print, 31.8 x 42.4 cm, 2012

Sunrise at the end of the stolen stream

Örn Thorleifsson: “The only thing that remains the same, this I can tell you, in this Door Mountain on the opposite side of here, there is a gigantic door. 4000 years ago the whole wall – you can see a little V in the mountain, it’s name is Door Mountain, because there is a gigantic door – 4000 years ago it feel down. And on the 9th of March and the 24th of September every year, if it is clear sky, the sun comes up there. Like, pouff! And this will last forever, it will never change. It is the only thing on earth that I know of that remains like it is. If there’s clear sky you can see it. I have not seen or read of anything else that stays. And then the sun comes, as long as the mountain exists, and there is a wonderful spot up there for hiking in the Door Mountain. There is an avalanche, two kilometers long and the stone chippings are like little log houses and blue, yellow, green lakes are in between them and you hear –drrddrrrddrrrrd –, how the water trickles down underneath your feet in little streams. And there are little glaciers in the door – and you sit up there on a stone and look up into the sky and then, all of a sudden, a reindeer or a fox stands on a stone across from you and looks you in the eye.“

(Excerpt from the audio book The stolen stream)


Publishers: BENTEN CLAY Publishers
Photography: BENTEN CLAY
Graphic design: Allan McEvoy

Digital print, Circle Offset White (Recycled), 31.8 x 42.4 cm



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Attention! At the moment we offer only selected seconds (B quality). The posters have a 4 cm wrinkle (see picture below). Therefore we are offering this poster for only 4 €. If you fall in love with the motif and would like a master print, we can print single editions upon request.)



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