Pori Kunstmuseum, PORI, FINNLAND

12. Oktober 2011, Künstlerpräsentation

Satellite Platform

The Pori Art Museum´s lecture series continues with SATELLITE PLATFORM discussion event on  Wednesday 12th of October 2011, at 6 pm. Lecture hall, free admission.Welcome!

Satellite Platform is a new and fresh presentation format that encourages the dialogue and  internationalization between the artist, the audience and the institution. During the event different artists  from different parts of the world present their ways of working and the production processes in their cultures and countries of residence.

The program and the timetable of the event:
12th of October 2011 from 6 to 8pm.

18.00-18.30 BENTEN CLAY, corporation (GER),
18.30-18.45 Gwyneth Anderson, animation (USA),
18.45-19.00 Eiliyas, sound-art (USA),
19.00-19.15 Pieter Gyselinck, sound-art (Belgium), read more
19.15-19.30 Gemma Tweedie, conceptual art (New Zealand), read more
19.30-19.45 Jenna Corcoran, Installation (Australia), read more

The event is in English. After the presentations there is a possibility for the audience to continue the discussions with the artists.

Satellite Platform will be streamed live through the Pori Art Museum


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