A narrative in German language, 68' on CD, text booklet, poster, 2012

Entanglements, background and effects of a major project. An audiobook.


Kárahnjúkavirkjun. Fljótsdalsstöð. Alcoa Fjardaál

Europe's biggest dam: a controversial large-scale project. Two glacial rivers dammed, 70 waterfalls disappeared, 57 square kilometers of land flooded in the largest wilderness area in Europe. For a power plant supplying a U.S. aluminum smelter.

120 km downstream: BENTEN CLAY meets Örn Porleifsson. Farmer, teacher, counselor. His country is destroyed. A tale of rivers, megawatts, mistakes, salaries, fishing industry, politicians, barren land, steam, aluminum, criminals, seals.


The audiobook is printed in an edition of 500 copies.

Graphic design: Allan McEvoy

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