MESSAGES, 6. European Month of Photography


Oktober 24 – November 02, 2014, group exhibition

BENTEN CLAY contribues a post card with the motif out of the series "blank", 2014.

Press text:

"How do we want to live (together)? The world is open to us today; the difference between near and far seems less crucial now, but what is our approach to these evolving spaces? Do they offer us a greater sense of community, or do they leave us behind, alone, and in a kind of ‘placelessness’?
With one picture each, 41 artists show their photographic visions of ‘being in the world’. These pictorial existences speak of utopian places and a feeling of home, a yearning for freedom and solace. The motifs will be printed on postcards. As visual cues, as a connecting medium, postcards have the advantage of materially ‘being in the world’, unlike digital communication.
In a performative installation, visitors will be asked to explore the other in themselves in writing, which they have perhaps long neglected. Selecting a postcard, writing and sending it to this addressee, is dedicated to the awareness that we ourselves have always been an other, and thus a component of this world."

Markus Altmann , Werner Amann, Benten Clay, Helin Bereket,  Nora Bibel , Marion Birkefeld, Stefanie Bischoff, Raluca C.E. Blidar, Valeria Brekenkamp, Verena Brüning, Michael Danner, Anne Dippel, Nathalie Fari, Constanze Flamme, Werner Gasser, Anne Kathrin Greiner, Daniel Harders, Ruth Hommelsheim, Fred Hüning, Verena Jaekel, Eva Karduck, Monika Keile,r Heike König, Tanja Krokos, Nora Mertes, Klaus Muenzner, Uta Neumann, Kerstin Parlow, Katharina Quecke, Anja Schaffner, Daniel Sebastian Schaub, Oliver Schmidt, Valerie Schmidt, Sabine Schründer, Philine Sollmann, Karolina Spolniewsk, Katinka Theis, Kathleen Wächter, Gudrun Wernet, Harriet Wolff

curated by Kristina Sporr & Uta Neumann

Photo Credits: Andy Heller, Ruth Hommelsheim, Uta Neumann, BENTEN CLAY


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