Metsä Pako

Brunswick Music Festival, Brunswick Arts Space, Melbourne, Australia

March, 8 – 16, 2014, group exhibition

Press release:

Visual artists BENTEN CLAY (Berlin) and Jenna Corcoran (Melbourne) collaborate with soundscape artist Music For Installations (Belgium) to create the installation exhibition Metsä Pako; an immersive environment filled with ambient, experimental sounds and video projections taken from and inspired by the magical Finnish countryside.

Music For Installations captured audio samples of rural Finland during an artist residency in 2011, and invited BENTEN CLAY and Jenna Corcoran to create video art inspired by the resulting atmospheric soundscapes and surrounding environment. The result is a sublime sanctum resonating with the enchanting whimsy of the Finnish landscape and a sense of wonderment and discovery.


Collaborators: Music For Installations, Jenny Corcoran


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