Clash Project

Fashionclash, Maastricht, Niederlande

13. Juni 2014, Laufstegpräsentation

Initiatorin Matylda Krzykowski über das Projekt:
"Since 2009 it became a direct reference to the FASHIONCLASH attitude, blurring all lines between art, design, knowledge and experiment. All aspects brought together to a project that asks non-fashion designers to make a wearable piece of work, preferably made from the material they use in their profession. Each year the results are unexpected, experimental bodysuits that are different in colour, shape and material. None of the 50 (49 in total unfortunately) outfits look alike. They are a reference of each participants work, each telling a story and showing a very personal intake in their way of working in an unacquainted fashion context."

BENTEN CLAY entwarf und präsentierte das Outfit Cäsium

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